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Ridgewood offers the following variety of amenities:

  • 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care
  • In-house Medical Director
  • Exceptional Culinary Team
  • Accommodating Social Service Team
  • Life Enrichment Programs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Business Office Services
  • Spiritual Support
  • On-Site Beautician/Barber
  • General Store
  • Environmental Services
  • Pharmacy Delivered Daily
  • In-house Dental, Podiatry, Optometry and Audiology Services
  • Complimentary internet access
  • Private and semi-private accommodations
  • Medicare and Medicaid certified

Wellness Programs

At Ridgewood, we take a holistic approach to resident care and offer a variety of Wellness programs.  Everything listed below is available to all residents at no additional charge. 

  • Massage Therapy
  • Benevolent Touch
  • Wheelchair Yoga
  • Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
  • Move and Groove
  • Nutritional Education


Massage Therapy and Benevolent Touch

Touch – because it is something that we normally do every day, we often take for granted how important it is to be touched.  As humans, we are cuddled and nurtured from birth.  As we age, this becomes no less important.  Unfortunately, the older we get the less personal contact we receive.  When a person is touched, the brain releases a hormone which produces a calm feeling.

There are many additional psychological benefits of touch.  Touch can reduce isolation and loneliness, decrease sensory deprivation, create companionship, and limit depression.  Additionally, touch can enhance reality orientation, express reassurance and trust, elevate self-esteem and stimulate the mind. It also has been shown to relieve anxiety and provide comfort, especially to touch-deprived elderly clients.


Geriatric Massage has many physical benefits as well.  It can decrease pain and the need for pain medication, promote quality sleep, reduce stiffness and inflammation, increase circulation and appetite, and improve balance and flexibility.  Massage can be especially helpful for maintaining and improving overall health as we age.

Our Massage Therapists are licensed by the State of Wisconsin and skilled in Geriatric Massage which specifically address the special needs of the elderly.  The techniques used include tender touch, calming aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and gentle stretching.  They work with the residents in the privacy and comfort of their rooms and can be provided in a chair or bed.  Most interested residents are on a 4-6 week rotation for a 30-45 minute session.

Several of our Recreation team members are certified in Benevolent Touch and provide this sensory experience throughout the day in their interactions with residents.  This can be done casually during conversation or in a private setting.


Stay Active with Exercise

As people age, activity levels slow which causes range of motion to decrease.  A regular exercise regimen can increase flexibility and mobility promoting a more independent life.  Experts have proven exercise can reduce blood pressure, improve sleep quality, provide chronic pain relief, ease stress, and foster relaxation.

At Ridgewood we offer various exercise programs.  To include all ability levels, the facilitators provide movement variations allowing everyone to comfortably participate. 

  • Wheelchair Yoga
    Every week, a certified yoga instructor adapts traditional yoga methods to accommodate our population.  Sessions include gentle movements, meditation, and tranquil music.
  • Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
    Every week, an instructor certified by the Arthritis Foundation conducts an exercise program specifically designed to improve flexibility and range of motion.  Sessions include gentle movements and meditation from the comfort of a chair.
  • Move and Groove
    Twice weekly, recreation team members provide fun and innovative exercise games accompanied by energizing music to encourage and maintain a more active lifestyle.   


Nutrition Education

For more information about Wellness Programs in our community, please visit 


Well City Racine.

Spiritual Support

Spirituality speaks to people of many denominations and beliefs. It encompasses compassion, love and respect for life. One's later years can be a time of profound wisdom and spiritual growth. In a care setting, the focus is primarily on physical needs. However, it is equally important to provide spiritual support. It has been shown that the healing process is faster for someone who is involved in prayer and spiritual life.

Spirituality at Ridgewood is a significant part of life with the residents. We offer many opportunities for our residents to express themselves spiritually.

  • Multi-Denominational Worship Services
  • Memorial Services
  • Chaplain Services
  • Spiritual Visitors
  • Bible Study
  • Music, Media and Literature

Multi-Denominational Worship Services:

The Worship Services are facilitated by different churches from the community. They provide a short time of worship for all who would like to attend.

  • Catholic Mass and Communion – a weekly mass led by St. Lucy’s, St. Paul’s or St. Edward’s Catholic Churches who rotate monthly.
  • Non-Denominational Christian Worship – a weekly service organized by volunteers from Racine Bible Church.
  • Baptist Service – volunteers from Calvary Baptist Church provide this service every month.
  • Church of Christ Service – offered by Midtown Church of Christ on a monthly basis.
  • Salvation Army Choir – this music based service is scheduled monthly.
  • Sunday Service - every Sunday morning, a DVD of Grace Lutheran Church’s worship service from the prior week is played in the Chapel for residents who would like to attend a Sunday service. These DVDs can also be viewed privately in a resident’s room when requested.


Memorial Services:

A Memorial Service is offered quarterly to remember residents who have passed away. This is an opportunity for families, residents and staff to honor the memory of their loved ones.


Chaplain Services:

Our Chaplain is here to meet individually with residents twice weekly and when a special need arises. This one to one visitation involves a retired Pastor who provides Christian counsel and spiritual support.


Spiritual Visitors:

Companionship and spiritual support is provided by volunteers from various local churches. If desired, Catholic Communion is one specific type of visit offered in the privacy of a resident’s room.


Bible Study:

A small, intimate group is offered weekly for a more in-depth study of the Bible. This program is structured so that it is not necessary to come to every meeting as each session has a new scriptural topic and does not build upon the prior meeting.


Music, Media and Literature:

The recreation department has a library of spiritual books, magazines, movies, and music. Residents may borrow these items at any time.


We are very proud of our harmonious and breathtaking gardens. These gardens can be seen as a refuge of serenity, reflection and comfort. They are a masterful blend of vibrant colors and diverse plant species that will tickle all of your senses. These beautiful areas and pathways are frequently enjoyed by residents, families, visitors, and staff alike.

Gardens are natural calming places to rest and be refreshed spiritually. Nature is a powerful force in the healing experience. Our gardens, complete with a Koi pond and waterfall, can be seen as therapeutic environments to reduce stress and provide solitude and relaxation.

Our gardens provide a full sensory experience. Strong, bright, warm colors in bloom such as red, yellow and orange provide visual stimulation. Captivating fragrances are carried by gentle breezes through the rolling landscape and home grown vegetables are ripe for the picking. Textures of the diverse flora provide a tactile environment for exploration. Long flowing grasses whisper in the wind while our miniature train weaves through the colorful terrain.

In addition to our external gardens, we have spectacular indoor wheelchair accessible gardens which allow the residents to explore nature with ease. Our residents have spent many enjoyable hours indoors cultivating plants species and have found these gardens to be a peaceful sanctuary.

All of these amazing gardens are made possible through many generous donations and the love and hard work of our dedicated volunteers. We would like to extend a special thank you to the UW-Extension Master Gardener Program of Kenosha and Racine Counties. It is their generous support, countless hours and commitment year after year that allows this project to continue to grow and flourish.

We welcome one and all to come and enjoy the beauty of our glorious gardens!